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Alquimista is the company focused on interactive media research & development and network management software solutions development. Unimaginable forms, spaces and images are having created in Alquimista through combining advanced technology with design. We continue developing various solutions to create the future of the new media, and researching the ways of the complete combining technology with design. Recently in Alquimista  there are development team for network management software solutions and design, research team for interactive motiongraphics software & hardware.



Address : 423-034,

               102 Depart 8F 801, Doduk Park Town

               Cheolsan 4 Dong Kwangmyeong, KOREA

Tel. 070-8229-4675

H.P. 010-4223-8970


대한민국 광명시 철산동 도덕파크타운 / 070-8229-4675 / 010-4223- 8970 /

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