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Alquimista is the company focused on interactive media research & development and network management software solutions development. Unimaginable forms, spaces and images are having created in Alquimista through combining advanced technology with design. We continue developing various solutions to create the future of the new media, and researching the ways of the complete combining technology with design. Recently in Alquimista  there are development team for network management software solutions and design, research team for interactive motiongraphics software & hardware.

ALquimista About Us The Work Experience
Professional Programming And Planning Is Your Choice become to Success!

Window Native Develop(C#, C++) / Android, IOS Mobile Information App / Unity3D Game Interactive Media Program / Exhibition Media Planning /  AR(Argument Reality) / Hardware linkage Program(Arduino, RS-232C) / Afrter effect NLE

윈도우 네이티브 프로그래밍(C++, C#) / 모바일 앱 개발 / 유니티 3D 인터랙티브 게임 제작
성공적인 인터랙티브를 위한 전시 기획 / 증강현실 / 각종 하드웨어 연동(아두이노, RS-232C) / 에펙 NLE

Interactive Media Program

PHP Serve side script / FMS(Flash Media Server) Realtime Media Stream Server Construction
Apache, MySQL, PHP Server Construction

PHP 서버사이드 스크립트 언어 개발 / FMS(플래시 미디어 서버)를 활용한 화상채팅 동영상 전송 솔루션 /
Apache, PHP, MySQL 기반의 서버 구축 및 관리

Solution Develop Program Hi. I’m Choi Seungcheol. This is my IML. I’m a Programmer  based in Korea, I specialise in offering portrait experiences with a Interactive Media Develop.